What we did July 21.

Well, another month through 2021 and we’ve had our heads down as much as ever. For the first time ever we’ve got two new Beers Launching with our good friends over at 10 Toes Brewery, which for the beer drinkers in the office – is a very exciting thing. This month we also began working with EkoPak and PacFood to plan, develop and grow their digital presence.

Industry News

Our DevOps team was made aware of a new WooCommerce WordPress exploit that made many E-Commerce WordPress sites vulnerable to malicious web attacks – Our team was instantly all over this, assuring that any sites under our management were not at risk.

Development Team Update

Our Web Development team was stoked to launch three sites this month.

  1. Our friends from Aussie Time Sheets released their employee onboarding service ATS Onboarding.
  2. VA were thrilled to get their hands on the project ‘Barter Shelf‘. Barter Shelf is a cashless community, created for everyday people who have goods to swap.
  3. And; last but not least. Closing out July we saw the Launch of EkoPak’s new website. EkoPak produce a range of 100% biodegradable cutlery and packaging for the hospitality industry.

Content Team Update

This month we’ve thrown ourselves into producing EDM’s, building social media content, running digital advertising campaigns, and performing website optimizations. The team also had a chance to get out of the office and do some shooting and videography tasks (always fun). Feel free to check out the new video for Port City Air and Coolum Football Club, and keep your eyes out for an interview with Travis Schultz of Travel Schultz & Partners…

Design Team Update

Our design team was kept busy with a plethora of projects but we’re really excited to share our work for 10 Toes Brewery with you.

Launching three new beers 10 Toes continues to innovate and create with their ‘Sitivia Haze’, ‘Cherry Berry Choc Sundae’, and ‘Coffee Collusion’. As always VA was thrilled to be a part of the creation and the opportunity to flex our creative muscles.

That’s it from us this month and we’ll aim to get another report to you this time next month.

Speak soon


The VA team.

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