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A working relationship that spans over a decade. World Surfaris is a full-service international travel agency that specialises in surfing holidays and represents a diverse range of “unique surf adventures” catering to all standards of surfers and budgets.



  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Print Design
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
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Sifting through the nuances of international surf travel to find you dream wave in a world that expects instant pricing, lightning-fast loading and a visual feast for the eyes - you’ll need a team that understands data hierarchy, can integrate with third party API’s and know their Mentawais from their Maldives.

Still, dreaming of surfing?

World Surfaris’ website will narrow down your dream surf trip for you quickly, quietly and look damn fine doing it.

Digital Marketing

VA have worked hand in glove with the World Surfaris marketing team since 2009. Over this time we’ve built a tremendous amount of trust. Always ready to try new ‘new’ things, VA has consistently delivered everytime the World Surfaris team said “I have this idea…” and we’ve not been shy in coming up with our own ideas.

From developing content platforms to tap into whole new demographics through to sophisticated ‘always on marketing’ techniques that use multiple trigger points to remind and entice users, We Are VA are proud of our long standing friendship with the World Surfaris team.

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