All Rounders vs Experts

When it comes to marketing, small businesses usually follow either of two paths. There is the option to have an in-house marketing “all-rounder” or businesses choose to work with an agency. Both are fine solutions to your marketing woes, but which option leaves you in a more competitive place, at the end of the day? 

In-house marketing all-rounder

The marketing all-rounder is a unicorn in small business, a sought-after but rare individual, who is able to manage your website and design your creative vision. All this, while bringing the whole brand together to drive traffic, sales and leads for your business. 

While the all-rounder has the ability to output across a wide variety of marketing channels, they will be spread far too thin. The demands of marketing and branding in this digital age means that it’s not realistic to expect one person to be an expert across all of these fields. While you hope for a jack-of-all trades, you will most likely end up with a master-of-none. 

What does that mean for your business? Because the all-rounder can only do so much, you are left with incomplete projects or a lacklustre final product, which ultimately damages your brand and undermines your goals.

Agency Expertise

Agencies give you a team of seasoned, trained professionals who are expert in their fields. Your business has access to developers, copy writers, digital advertising specialists and creative directors, all who bring their expertise to the table when dealing with a project. This means that you have the combined experience of a team of creative professionals, assuring your website is handled with a level of care and professionalism that can’t be achieved by one person. Agencies also bring a slew of helpful insights from their extensive experience in the industry and through their work helping other clients. The extra value this brings to your business in strengthening your end result is something you may need to take into account when deciding your marketing budget.

Established Agencies also come with many other benefits. Years of experience means they have connections which can truly save you time and money. Their professional relationships with selected high quality printers or preferred web hosting providers, for example, means agencies have already done the networking and product sourcing for you.

At the end of the day the choice is yours. But do you want the immediacy of having someone in-house stretched across all of your ventures, or would you rather have a team of experts, ready to make your brand shine?

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