MIC (Montessori International College) is an independent, non-denominational IB World School renowned for its innovative learning spaces and highly experienced and dedicated teachers.

MIC came to VA to help develop and create their brand vision. A recent workshop had generated a plethora of ideas which the college had honed into a fantastic vision for their future. The vision was grand, incorporating the larger community into their school and stepping beyond traditional models of educational systems into something broader and more relevant to the day and age we live in.

Imperative to the vision was a brand that not only catered to the existing advocates of the school but also incorporated and welcomed the larger community. Creating an experience that left an impression and a marked point of difference that the school could adopt from the brand’s inception, through the years of growth and into the dazzling future that the vision delivers.

For our part - It was both a tremendous opportunity and challenge. With the vision to guide us and access to staff, students and the school’s thought leaders, VA started with design thinking workshops, developing users and honing in on brand archetypes. The culmination of this deep thinking and insights from the school community, allowed us to lay a logical but also imaginative framework with which to create four concepts for presentation. Each concept had it's own relevant story and catered to the history of the school as well as offering flexibility to carry it into the future.

Once MIC had chosen a concept We Are VA were able to create the practical applications that would display and incorporate the new brand.