The case for the small agency team

It has never been more complex or expensive to run your business marketing and it is next to impossible to “DIY everything”. You need a team that you can trust.

It really isn’t getting any easier and here is why :

  • For most SMEs Digital marketing has not totally replaced your traditional marketing so now you have to do both.
  • Social media promised free access to your audience but now your organic reach is in single digits and you are faced with running paid ads on social media and close to zero audience growth.
  • Your website was pitched as a 24/7 salesman working in your absence to generate leads (and even sales) but now you need endless content and/or updates to battle to any relevant position in Google rankings.
  • You are probably are considering if not already doing paid advertising on search and banners.
  • Your email database had a great open rate a year ago but now is funnelled into hidden folders inside your users inbox if not in the spam bucket.
  • Sending a newsletter on a constant basis is becoming a grind

We worked for a Sydney Based Driving School who fondly recalled that the ONLY thing he needed to do 20 years ago was pay for Yellow Pages advertising. We scoff at Yellow Pages now thinking that we are so much more sophisticated but as a business owner myself I can understand his pining for simpler (and cheaper) times.

Business marketing has never been more complicated or expensive!

Short of abandoning the bulk of these channels (and the thought is tempting) it isn’t going to get any easier. If you are a small business you can’t do it all and you dont have the resources to build an internal multi disciplined team to do it for you.

Even if you are a larger organisation the chance of hiring an expert in each discipline – creative, marketing, copywriting, photography, video and web development etc etc is still a struggle.

You can maybe hire yourself an expert in one or two areas but other efforts will be below par or still need to be outsourced.

The’ jack of all trades’ may be a solution in some cases but if your brand wants to stand out then mediocre marketing is not what you need.

The case for a small agency team.

  • A team of experts all on the same page and likely under the one roof – or at least all at the end of a zoom call
  • One team to communicate with and one team to measure.
  • A bunch of freelancers may give you access to individual experts but the cost of managing them all will be borne by you, the client
  • A small team with little to no red tape will get far more done than an internal marketing resource who are probably in an unnecessary meeting right now
  • For less that the wages of one expert a small team like VA will kick big goals

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