VA will float your boat(s).

When it comes to our approach to ongoing marketing efforts for our clients we take a decidedly nautical approach.

If you visualise your various marketing and advertising channels as boats in a harbour, we take the view that our work as your agency is to somehow raise the water level and thus all the boats (big and small) float higher.

But isn’t my socials/website/email marketing/SEO/PPC/branding the most important ?

Sure some things are going to be bigger, better, sexier, more profitable or more suitable for your audience than others but for most SMEs if your socials are amazing and your website is a dog you will at some point come undone.

Your fixation on one channel maybe be more about FOMO than a well considered assessment of whats is actually of value over the longer term.

Social media can be an especially powerful siren song in this regard. Those Instagram mermaids are everywhere calling to you in the dark to increase your engagement.

We aren’t talking about painting ourselves too thin or being a “master of none”. Far from it we are team of experts capable of making prolonged and iterative improvements across all relevant channels and branded assets.

That is how we make the water rise.

We are also about ensuring that we are putting effort into areas that can do a lot of the long term work for us.

  • A well written long form article on your blog will almost certainly improve in search ranking over time and you can repurpose elements of that article into dozens of social media posts over the course of time.
  • A well organised video/photo shoot can be used to create a corporate video, looping videos for you website, expansion of your Youtube channel and with some timely minor edits be used across various social media channels.
  • A well written article will enjoy a lower bounce rate and thus if visitors to your website are engaged (that’s what lower bounce rate implies) you will pay less per click for your online advertising.
  • A great brand encapsulated in a solid style guide will ensure that everything is “on brand” and saves a lot of time agonising over what colour/font/style to use every time you want to send out some email marketing or update Facebook.

It takes upfront effort and consistent ongoing focus to make the tide turn but it is possible and once the water starts to run in all the boats float higher.

We are a team and we’d encourage you to use us across all your efforts.

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