What we did in September 21.

Where has the year gone? it feels like winter only started a few weeks ago and now we are staring down the arrival of summer sun and starting to think about the studio Christmas party. September was as busy as ever and saw the arrival of VA’s latest team member Daniel Roy, who is joining our development team.

Development Team Update

Our Web Development team saw another hugely busy month this September.

Whilst not everything is has gone to plan with this year’s Horizon Festival, the show must go on and with that in mind, we worked with the team at Horizon to create a microsite for the adjusted festival roster that still carried the brand and identity that Horizon has built. 

Closing out this month we saw the launch of Country Side Noosa’s new website – This website aimed to drastically improve site speed, user experience and offer enhanced VaultRE Integration.

Content Team Update

This month the wheel of the content team turned once more, and the team threw themselves at everything that came their way – from fine-tuning social media with the good folks at 10 Toes Brewery, reaching new heights with an EDM for Rockit Climbing Gym and the return of social media work with our furry friends over at Dig-In. Despite a trend of consumer hesitancy, Mooloolaba Music Centre has continued to see strong Return-on-Ad-Spend from all of its Google Ads campaigns.

Design Team Update

Our design team saw a hugely busy month, with a tonne of exciting projects that we have to keep under wraps at this point in time.

Unlocking the doors to some of the Sunshine Coast’s most inspiring building’s, QLD open house returns to the sunshine coast this year, and with that brought to the job of designing up a collection of collateral for the event.


‘Public Service Announcement’ is the latest beer from our good mates down the road at 10 Toes Brewery – this limited release beer allowed us to bring those near-apocalyptic stand-by TV screens to beer can glory. Our content team then took the lead and ran with it producing a slew of content that was themed with plenty of static goodness.

P.S the beer drinkers in the office can confirm it taste just as good as the packaging, and no signs of lingering static.

Speak soon


The VA team.

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