Why you should use an agency based web developer for your next website project!

So you’ve got your sights set on a fancy new website? Perhaps your existing website is out of date, it’s under-performing or just simply needs a new look. Perhaps you’re a new business looking for a painless and easy-to-maintain website to launch your brand. Whatever situation you’re in, here’s why an agency-based web developer should be your first choice!

  1. A complete solution for your business. 

More often than not, an agency has several skilled people with complementary qualifications to add value to your website project. From concept to completion, you can be sure the team will communicate internally, trading ideas to find the best outcome to fit your budget and wish list. 

The core unit of web developer, graphic designer and project manager is a vital point of contact during the project. They will ensure your website has functionality, is aesthetically pleasing and appeals to your customers, who interact with your website regularly. 

  1. Accountability

At The Various Artists, we often meet with new or existing clients whose current website was built by a relative, best friend or overseas web developer who is no longer involved with the site. Agencies pride themselves on their reputation and the accountability that comes with excellence. A good agency will not leave your website in an online wasteland, but will actively monitor its performance and design. 

The team working on your project will have qualifications and years of experience to do what it does well. Agencies have the flexibility to give a consistent level of support across years of professional engagement. While agency staff may come and go, a detailed hand-over process means that there is always someone who knows your business history and can continue with your projects seamlessly. 

  1. Accessibility 

Accessibility and accountability go hand in hand. For starters, a local agency will answer your call, meaning they are accessible to answer questions or fix glitches in your website as soon as possible. In addition to this, an agency has 24/7 access to the architecture of your website and  can train you to be able to make simple changes to the content on your site. 

  1. Quality Assurance & Due Diligence 

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes when building a new website and maintaining it. Integration with your existing systems (CRM’s, applications etc) and ironing out glitches are important, as is open communication and ongoing development and improvement.

Trusting you website to an agency means there aren’t any hidden fees. Work is typically calculated on an hourly basis which is prioritised by the needs of the project. There is no extra fee for fixing bugs, for example.  Like dining at a restaurant, there are no fees for using the cutlery or plates, regardless of what you eat. 

  1. Post-Project support 

Congratulations! Your website is now live. However, more than 60% of businesses fail to consider is the post production support required. Hosting, tech support and analytics are just as crucial to the success of your website, as its initial build. 

Agencies often host all their clients’ websites in one place, meaning they get a consolidated overview of the sites they’ve built and manage. This is a simple way to keep virus protection up-to-date and should your site go down for any reason, the agency can fix it as soon as possible. 

Technical support is imperative in keeping your website up and running, equipped with the latest technology. Good tech support can also ensure your website is as efficient as possible. Support staff use several analytic points to measure website functionality, such as site speed and ease of use. These are all key to keeping your customers engaged and satisfied as they interact with your website.

An agency usually has a digital marketing expert or two who will monitor your website’s performance over the course of weeks or months. They can offer suggestions as to how to improve your site’s performance using simple Marketing Plans and Strategies to reach more of your customers. 

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