We don’t do job ads

90% of the time VA put out feelers across our network and our social channels to try to find people who are a good fit for our team and our clients. 

You do need to have the skills to deliver but they aren’t the only game in town. 

As I (Wayne McFetridge – VA Owner) get older I find myself thinking about my years spent in original bands in Brisbane and Gold Coast many years ago.

The ponderings are not too sentimental although you can have a listen to my best efforts here 😉

More often than not I recall things I learnt about how to work in a creative team and try to keep that team together through the hard work and the joy that creative pursuits can bring.

One thing I recall was the time I had to look to recruit drummers (no offence to drummers – I’m sure this anecdote could relate to guitar players too).

It was very quickly apparent in auditions/jams that the drummers that were keen to articulate how good they were and how rad their drum kit was were the kinds of people who wanted to perform 15 minute drum solos in the middle of most songs. In other words NOT the kind of person I wanted in my band. It was always the case that those who were somewhat self deprecating and wanting to play their part in a team were much better band members and they were always very good drummers too.

So here I am many years later on the hunt for some new band team members and I still rate ‘team player’ very highly and I still seek to flush out those with a propensity for long drum solos.

Right now we are looking for people to fill roles on our design and web development teams.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We work as a team and all get the centre stage from time to time.

That is the Majesty of Rock

Please get in touch and you are welcome to bring your drum kit in a cage if you want but please don’t overcook it.

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