New brands for new companies, new brands for existing companies, slogans, tag-lines and hair-brained ideas for articles and campaigns.

Creating by definition is to bring “something” into existence. If there was nothing and now there is something then “creation” has occurred. A big part of VA’s day to day life is to create.

We are not going to bore you with pages of guff about “our processes” but below you can read a few real-word examples of how we have “created” for all kinds of businesses.

Montessori International College

We Are VA worked alongside MIC to create an identity that reflected their culture and values.

By identifying and developing personas for key demographics We Are VA ensured a brand design that would appeal to the correct audiences.

Intensive workshops uncovered deeply held values and helped us establish a brand archetype and tone of voice. From this we created mood boards, followed by four full brand concepts. After some refinement and testing, the final choice was developed to be what you see today.

10 Toe’s Brewery

VA created amazing new beer cans for 10 Toe’s Brewery that encapsulated their ethos perfectly.

“Ratbags” was a word often spoken in our meetings along with a fondness for back alley’s with layers of old posters, paste-ups from live music and a heady dose of street art.

Pairing those influences with a slick palette and dashes of the metallic, these cans make themselves known on the shelf of your local bottle-o.

World Surfaris

Research proved that across Australia (and the world) surfing is a growing pastime. But the growth markets aren’t where you’d expect.

It turns out that the ‘young male surfer dude’ is more of a Hollywood construction than a reality. In their stead, two cohorts are emerging. The silver surfers (like Grey nomads but ocean-dwelling) and younger females.

So, how do you pivot to start including two demographics without alienating your loyal primary user?

By developing a return on relationship proposition that introduces your brand earlier to build loyalty and trust. Conceived from our long term relationship with World Surfaris and a love for printed surf magazines the VA team created an entirely new online editorial section to house new long form content. And in the hope that one day we might score an assignment ‘on location’ in The Maldives we often ghost write for the Stoked platform.


People often ask “what font did you use” but this one is all handmade. A regular habit of creating from scratch and often away from the screen gives our team a huge advantage when it comes time to craft something original.

General creative tinkering is all part of our DNA and it paid dividends on this well known local brand.

Heads of Noosa Brewing Co

We Are Va created a mini video series for the Noosa Festival of Surfing’s major partner Heads of Noosa Brewing Co. 

The purpose of the project was to create engaging content that used influential people from the community to help capture the history of the event. 

VA conceptualised the entire project including location (inside Heads of Noosa Brewery), questions, B-roll and final edits. 

The Talking Heads trailers were posted on the Festival social media page encouraging people to watch the full length interviews on YouTube. 

It was VA’s intention to create timeless content that The Noosa Festival of Surfing and Heads of Noosa Brewing Co will see the benefit from over many years.

Before we create we seek to develop an understanding of your business and your users.

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