New brands for new companies, new brands for existing companies, slogans, tag-lines and hair-brained ideas for articles and campaigns.

Creating by definition is to bring “something” into existence.

If there was nothing and now there is something then “creation” has occurred.

A big part of VA’s day to day life is to create.

VA worked with MIC creating an identity that reflects their culture and values.

To do this we were engaged help develop the personas of their key demographics. This helped us to ensure that we designed a brand that would appeal to the correct users. We conducted workshops to uncover their brand values and archetype. From this material we created mood boards followed by 4 full brand concepts of which the final choice was developed to be what you see today.

VA created amazing new beer cans for 10 Toes brewery that encapsulated their ethos perfectly

“Ratbags” was a word often spoken in our meetings along with a fondness back allies with layers of old posters, paste ups and for street art. Pairing those influences with a slick palette and dashes of the metallic and these cans make themselves known on the shelf of you local bottlo


We created a whole new long form online editorial section for the World Surfaris website that helped corner X% more online traffic.

Conceived from our long term relationship with World Surfaris and a love for long form online content (hello Medium) and our favourite surf magazines The VA team even ghost wrote some of the content under a nom de plume.

Working with local legend Tony Kelly on his super successful SPERO saw our creative director reach for her ink and paper. People often ask "what font did you use" but this one is all hand made.

A regular habit of creating from scratch and often away from the screen gives our team a huge advantage when it comes time to craft something original. Drawing, weaving, tinkering with laser cutters, weird drawing machines and light painting is all part of our DNA.

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